OUR EXCITING NEW LOCATION: We move to our new clinic rooms at 1 Brunswick Road, Kingston ,KT2 6SB on 7.1.19

Ergonomics 4 students :-

We recommend that you read this . Click on the link below. Then click on “click here” and select the age most appropriate for you.It contains very useful information on how to use Todays technology in a way that is less strain on your body.

The Pelvic Floor and The Elvie:-    

As well as working on those muscles you can see we can also assess and treat an important one you cannot see. We can assess and help in the treatment of Pelvic Floor and Continence problems in Women. These problems are very common following Pregnancy and again following Menopause and many can be improved with training and exercise.

A new device to assist with Pelvic floor strengthening is The Elvie? This is the Fitbit for the Pelvic Floor! It is a discreet beautifully designed oval shaped device  worn internally that connects with a mobile phone via an app. It helps guide you through Pelvic floor exercises and gives you feedback on how well you are doing. Its sensors detect when the Pelvic floor muscle is activated and display this as a moving gemstone on the smart phone screen. When you contract the Pelvic floor muscle the gemstone moves up , when you relax it moves down. It can be useful as part of a programme for strengthening the Pelvic floor muscle and maintaining its strength. If you have Continence problems, a mild Prolapse or have been diagnosed as having problems due to a weak pelvic floor we can assess this area and recommend the best way of improving it.
This is a very specialist area of Physiotherapy. Please mention when contacting us.


Mandy has been doing additional training in the use of Pilates to assist in the management of Scoliosis. This is better managed with individual 1 to 1 sessions. She is offering a buy one private Pilates session get one free during the month of March.