Ergonomics & Work Related Injuries


Many of today’s Spinal problems are related to our increasingly sedentary lifestyle.               Ensuring a good work station set up is an essential part of the prevention and management of Back, Neck, Upper Limb and Work Related Injuries.                                     The aim of the Work Station Assessment is to identify any problems or risk factors and provide a practical and achievable solution for change; including postural analysis; work station layout; use and design of equipment; environmental influences; and optimal working practices. This will not only fulfill DSE regulations (EU Legislation 2002) but also address your individual requirements, improve your health, and improve your work productivity. Since optimal health is our goal, activity in leisure time is also recommended. We can advise on this or start you with a simple mobility programme. Prevention has always got to be better than cure.

Assessments can be carried out privately at your home. We also do contract work for Companies. Call us for more information. POA




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