Pilates & Clinical Pilates

 Pilates may-

  • Increase Core Strength and Stability
  • Improve Posture
  • Create longer, leaner more flexible muscles
  • increase strength without increasing bulk
  • Improve body awareness
  • Improve Balance & Coordination
  • help relieve unwanted stress and tension
  • and is a great form of Mind and Body Conditioning.

Joseph Pilates, its founder, believed that “If your Spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young”. He consequently developed a form of Mind and Body Conditioning. His exercise method  is conditioning for the Mind in that you are mindful about the movements and challenged with the co-ordination involved not only with the breathing but with some of the movements. However Pilates is also an excellent form of conditioning for the body helping to improve or maintain mobility, flexibility, balance, dissociation of movements,muscle control and body awareness and what’s more its fun!!!

At Bodyworks our Pilates teachers are all Physiotherapists. We are movement and exercise specialists with extensive experience of injury and recovery from injury.Our Physiotherapy background enables us to use Pilates to maximum effect in the Clinical setting e.g. Clinical Pilates may be used for rehabilitation following Spine or limb problems or Surgery. We can select which exercises would be more beneficial for your problems and will know when we can progress you to the next level.                            At Bodyworks we provide Clinical Pilates; Pilates; Private sessions (ie 1 to 1 sessions) and classes;  Matwork from Beginners to Advanced level; work with small equipment such as Circles, Physio balls and weights; and work with larger equipment such as  the Pilates Reformer, 1/2 Trapeze and Exo- Chair.


Monday                 10.00am               Pilates Improvers                    Nicola Burrows

Monday                 11.00am                Pilates Beginners                     Nicola Burrows

Tuesday                   6.45pm               Pilates Improvers                    Nicola Burrows

Thursday                12.30pm              Back2Fitness                            Mandy Noble

TBC                     Better Bones Class/Pilates for Seniors                  Mandy Noble

Thursday                  5pm                    Pilates Beginners                     Mandy Noble


Please contact the clinic to book

TERMS:All of our Pilates Classes are taken by Physiotherapists with additional Pilates training.                        
 Investment:-The Pilates Classes cost £12 /45-55  mins  and must be pre-booked as a course .
                         The “Back2Fitness” group costs £15/45 min class and must be pre-booked as a course.
 All classes must be prebooked. Missed classes will not be refunded.
 There is a maximum of 8 clients per class so early booking is recommended. Class durations and course length vary depending on the instructor.
Please email us for further details and booking when you have chosen your course.
 Classes may be added or removed by the Instructor depending on demand.

 Beginners Classes are suitable for those clients new to pilates. A 1 to 1 Private session with the teacher is recommended prior to starting the class.             Improvers Classes are suitable for the non injured with a good knowledge of Pilates wishing to work at a higher level.                                                                              The Better Bones Pilates class is suitable for those with  Osteopaenia or Osteoporosis. There will be no curl ups or flexon in this class and modifications can be  made for those with particular problems. Emphasis will be placed on movement avoiding bending; good balance; and exercise against resistance (eg using the  body as resistance, light weighs, resistance bands,and the Magic Circle) to stimulate bone building.                                                                                                            The Back2fitness Group is for those with chronic back pain that is not aggravated by exercise. You will need to be recommended to the group by a medical professional who has diagnosed your problem. The class is designed to get you moving again and act as a stepping stone to other forms of exercise.




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