Covid 19/Work Station Setup when Home Working

working from home

For Employees working from home in response to Public Health advice regarding Covid 19 ( Corona Virus)

Many people are not used to working from laptops for prolonged periods and most are not set up at home to work comfortably for full working days.

Discomfort from using a computer may not always occur suddenly; but can build up over time or be more noticeable by the end of the day. Here are some practical tips to help you work comfortably.

  • It is preferable to sit at a desk or table rather than use your sofa.
  • Select a chair which has a high back.
  • Use a cushion to sit on if your chair is too low.
  • If your feet are not supported use a book.
  • Raise your laptop up on books to bring the top of the screen close to eye level; and use a separate keyboard and mouse.
  • Adopt a good postural position with the natural ‘s’ shaped curve of your spine maintained.
  • Shorter more frequent breaks are more beneficial to reduce the risk of discomfort.
  • Change your posture every 20 minutes. Think– your next posture if your best posture!
  • Sit only when you need to sit and use opportunities such as video calls to get up and stretch.
  • Social distancing can lead to increased use of mobile devices. Adopt good postural positions and use your phone wisely!

If you are experiencing discomfort; would like advice about setting yourself up at home, or cost- effective solutions to improve your home set up, please contact us for further information about our video linked assessments.